Strategic consulting, customized communications concepts, product PR, medical PR, corporate PR, digital medical content marketing, internal communications…

We advise our national and international healthcare clients on all public relations issues, covering topics like medical innovations, new products

Customized communications concepts according to our clients´ briefing and following in-depth market analysis – full of ideas and targeted in their implementation: This is´t just top of the list in our service specifications, but the first step in a long-term and successful collaboration with our clients.

We offer long-term strategic consulting if you are trying to establish a brand, but we can also support you with individual projects. Thanks to our medical/scientific background we can quickly familiarize ourselves with challenging topics and take some of the burden off of your team.

We analyze the market situation for our clients. As healthcare market communications experts with many years of experience, we recognize pitfalls and chances – and find out how to best implement our clients´ communications tasks.

This is how we develop creative communications concepts:

  • During the first briefing we take time to outline the current situation with our clients and define the communications tasks.
  • Next we research vital information on the indication, the competitive environment and future trends on the healthcare market and frame the initial situation which will be clarified during a re-briefing, together with other open questions.
  • Now we do a SWOT-analysis: Where do we see strengths, where are the weaknesses, which opportunities are there and what kind of threats might arise?
  • Based on this analysis we define our PR goals, formulate the messages with which we want to reach our target groups and choose a strategic communications approach.
  • Based on this foundation we develop creative PR activities in order to position the messages with the appropriate target groups in the long term. Our spectrum of PR activities is broad – but we develop the appropriate tools for every task and analyze which ideas will be best able to attain our goals.
  • The costs for an extensive PR concept creation are eliminated when the order is placed.
  • Among other things, we evaluate the success of our work with surveys and media response analyses.

For us, pro-active and strategic consulting is based on in-depth knowledge of a healthcare market that is always in the process of re-defining itself. As communications experts, we know about current trends and have a ‘feel’ for which topics garner attention in the media and with the public.

Our understanding of strategic consulting:

  • We are constantly monitoring your competitors´ communications activities and will keep you up-to-date on changes in the competitive environment.
  • We recognize potential crises immediately and offer customized solutions.
  • We react promptly to changing circumstances and decide on how to modify the communications strategy.
  • We subject new ideas to a thorough test – if they don´t achieve the projected goal, you will hear a clear “No” from us.

Regardless of whether your focus is on prescribers, recommenders or directly on patients: We make sure that your product takes center stage. After researching the competitive environment, we develop topical approaches in order to position the product message in a targeted and easy-to-understand way. Depending on the communications task, we target medical target groups and/or consumers, patients and/or their families. For us, product PR includes communication for ethical and OTC products, but also for drug and non-drug-related treatments and for hospitals and associations.

In order to communicate successfully with external target groups, you need precisely formulated messages within a company. Because messages that are to be anchored outside of the company need to be clearly communicated internally. So it is necessary to align internal and external communications processes with one another.

When it comes to your internal communications, you can count on us for the following:

  • Material for communicating with your sales team
  • Establishing and maintaining an intranet
  • Employee magazines
  • Newsletters

With the help of corporate PR you can achieve broad coverage of your company and thus increase your market visibility. We tell your corporate story, describe the people, values and philosophy behind your company and give you an authentic image.

Among other things, we can support you with:

  • Corporate website: relaunch, new development and content management
  • Corporate philosophy: developing and implementing employee workshops
  • Sponsoring

Whether our clients want to improve their internal communication, need fresh impulses, or want to optimize their corporate branding – we offer customized creative and communications workshops for small groups of employees which are individually tailored to meet the needs and objectives of our clients.

When planning and implementing our workshops, we focus on

  • Customized and goal-oriented planning
  • Implementation with …
    • practical information and exercise units on key topics
    • application examples and team exercises, including feedback
    • a ‘take home message’ so that the workshop curriculum can be used constructively in an everyday work environment

Our themed PR campaigns focus on increasing awareness and/or acceptance for an indication. This is particularly true of orphan disease patients, whom doctors rarely see. Time and again, they need to become the focus of attention – with doctors and the public at large – in order to make sure they are diagnosed quickly and receive treatment.

Few other sectors are in a similar state of transition as the healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical sector. Since discount agreements for generics were passed in 2007, the German drug market has undergone a radical transformation. First manufacturers of generics needed to re-think since the health insurance companies advanced from “payers” to “players”. Medical service providers began to set prices thanks to discount agreement tenders. But not only manufacturers of patent-free drugs saw and see themselves confronted with a paradigm shift – research-based pharmaceutical industry also needs to explore new avenues:

With the Pharmaceutical Market Restructuring Act (AMNOG) of 2011, refundable drugs are being subjected to an even more thorough cost/benefit-analysis by the Institute for Quality and Economic Efficiency in Healthcare (IQWiG). The practice of “early benefit assessment” in particular has turned out to be an effective tool with which policy makers are now taking things into their own hands when it comes to prices for new drugs – an entirely new development in the history of German medicine.

In short, the market is changing. Because many communications activities that used to be successful no longer work, players in the field need to change the way they communicate. In this context, we think PR needs to be re-defined.

As effective health policy PR partners, we can support you with the following expertise:

  • Strategic consulting without “internal blinders” – we observe and tell you what the public expects from you.
  • The appropriate activities for each “law” – health policy PR must always be customized.
  • Anticipatory market knowledge – the market is changing and we know what is happening and where it is happening.
  • Constant networking – CGC maintains good relationships with many players in the healthcare system like insurance companies, doctors´ associations or the pharmaceutical industry.

Since CGC is specialized in providing medical content, we offer high grade online-cme-exams for health professionals. Cooperating with our IT-partner company health & media since 2004, CGC has initiated the online education-portal is continuously refined by frequently offering new content from various indication areas and addressing different target groups.

Because of our scientific background, we are partners who can communicate eye-to-eye with your key opinion leaders. We know what your KOLs need and can develop and draw up customized activities, be these continuing medical education or media training. We also support our clients when collaborating with experts in developing scientific material. High-quality medical documentation for doctors and patients is mandatory when a product is being launched – be it a review or a patient information leaflet. But these tools in particular are time-consuming and can hardly be handled internally any more. CGC can support you competently and quickly, including on a project basis. Take advantage of our expertise.

In the course of using Veeva Vault PromoMats, we relieve you of the approval procedure quickly and effectively – be it when verifying statements with sources, referencing materials or checking documents for completeness.

Within this context our portfolio includes:

  • Consensus talks
  • Advisory boards
  • Media training
  • Medical writing
  • Mailings

CGC PR is always digitally set up – with our implementation your news will find the way into all media channels: print, radio, TV and the digital web. For our customers we have access to a publisher network with 35 million unique users on high-quality websites. CGC ensures the medical quality of your digital medical content, varies headlines, optimizes content, uses artificial intelligence to increase digital reach, opening rates and user engagement.

As a neutral mediator, we initiate and carry out market research for specialist target groups. Whether in individual interviews or in round table discussions – we identify the needs for medical problem solutions at the base. Thereby we generate clues how to support medical target groups in their daily professional life. In order to ensure its liability, the outcome of our market research is regularly generated in different regions. A positive side effect of this practice is, that we also get to know opinion leaders whose expertise we can include in our PR-projects.

Faulty products, unexpected developments, wrong decisions, accidents and catastrophes – crises can occur in every company. Usually they come up suddenly and need to be addressed quickly to keep the damage to a company´s image to a minimum and to restore trust. Analyzing potential risk factors in advance helps prevent crisis situations from developing. Far-sighted strategic planning of communications activities ensures rapid and pro-active reactions in a worst-case scenario while allowing clients to concentrate on taking the necessary corporate decisions.

We prepare our clients for potential crises and also support them in a crisis situation.

    • Crisis dossiers: advance analysis of potential risk situations
    • Development of effective risk and crisis communications strategies
    • Crisis plans: crisis unit, staff responsibilities, telephone numbers, workflow charts

, wordings

  • Defining wordings with clear messages for crisis scenarios
  • Making QandA-catalogues accessible
  • Dark sites
  • Templates for press activities
  • Implementation of effective communications measures in case an acute crisis ensues
  • Individual support of a company in case a crisis develops
  • Pro-active and long-term media relations
  • External press office for the company in crisis
  • Media and communication training sessions

Professional crisis management needs immediate attention. In case a crisis develops, you will receive consulting and communications support at +49 (0)176 24 112 991!