We know what you are talking about and we write …

… because we are PR experts with a degree in the life sciences complemented by expertise in the fields of journalism and marketing.

In keeping with our background, we take a scientifically sound look at medical issues, just like opinion leaders, prescribers and recommenders.

  • We process topics from the viewpoint of a journalist and with considerable depth of content.
  • We accurately translate messages according to patients´ personal needs and requirements.
  • Thanks to many years of experience, we know how our clients think and understand what they need.

Your PR is in experienced hands with us …

… our team of consultants has worked together for many years, is led by a strong team spirit and has extensive experience in the field of healthcare communications.

Our consultants´ fields of expertise complement each other, and delivering high quality is uppermost on our agenda. We think client service is a team effort: That´s why, in addition to our managing director Dr. Klaus Schrage, you will always be able to count on the support of several experienced consultants.

We are full of ideas and always on top of the story …

… because when we implement our PR projects, we rely on our wealth of good ideas and do a feasibility test before we start working.

We continuously monitor and assess current trends in communication and identify which channels can help us attain our PR goals. By continuously engaging in training and exploring new fields of knowledge, we ensure that our horizon is constantly expanding.

We think dialogue is essential …

… not just with our target groups, but also with our clients.

As consultants, we are critical listeners and analyze new ideas. If we think something won´t work, you will hear an honest NO from us. We are happy to discuss alternative solutions with our clients!