After 20 years in the business of healthcare communications, we have a broad knowledge base. We are familiar with the market situation of numerous indications, have established contacts with leading opinion leaders and analyze competitive trends.

Overview of our experience:

Special field


AllergologyRhinitis, Conjunctivitis, Anaphylaxie
Aesthetic medicineScar treatment
DermatologySclerodermy, scar treatment, wart treatment
DiabetologyLong-acting insulins (Health policy)
DiagnosticsVDGH, Chlamydia
Dental medicineCaries prevention through chewing gum
Enteral nutritionTube feeding
EndocrinologyThyroid diseases, female menopause
ImmunologyVaccination campaign: “Hessen impft!”, Travel Med
PediatricsADHD, Vaccination, wart treatment
Cardiovascular diseasesPAH (Pulmonal arterial hypertension)
Hospital PRConsulting
Medical productsContact lenses, hyaluronic acid, asthma inhalers
NeonatologyUrea cycle defects
NaturopathyRespiratory tract infections, bladder infections, nervousness, diseases of the digestive system, nervous heart problems
UrologyErectile dysfunction, bladder infections, prostate diseases
HepatologyAlcohol abuse, urea cycle defects
GynaecologyMenopause, unwanted infertility, in-vitro-fertilisation, contraception
PneumologyPAH (Pulmonal arterial hypertension), asthma, respiratory tract infections
RheumatologyLow-dose cortisone therapy
GastroenterologyGastritis (PPI, eradication therapy), Morbus Crohn, Colitis ulcerosa, pancreatic insufficiency
OrthopedicsHyaluronic acid
OnkologyBreast-, lung- and bladder cancer
OphthalmologyConjunctivitis, contact lenses
NutritionDiets and functional food in special diseases, weight reduction concepts
Neurology/PsychiatryADHD, depression, Parkinson, anxiety disorders
PR for associationsVDGH