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PR Success Stories


Pre-marketing for Wrigley’s Extra only with PR

Food industry- confectionery

Wrigley GmbH, Oberhaching near Munich

Communication task:
Communication of the scientifically proven dental caries prophylactic effect of chewing, based on the assumption that consumers perceive chewing gum to be confectionery without an additional benefit.

Target groups:
Consumers at large
Teachers and health professionals
Health insurance schemes
Trade and lay media

Implementation and successes:
The PR activities involved dental scientists, representatives from health insurance associations and health education institutions and comprised TV, the print media and events. Attitude changes were measured by the GfK in four phases each year. At the end of the third year of the campaign, 85 per cent of dentists and 45 per cent of consumers recognised the message unaided and 95 per cent of both groups thought that it was credible. Wrigley’s Extra is launched.

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